All students at Vanguard Performing Arts are required to wear correct dance attire & display impeccable grooming in all classes.

We cannot stress the importance of correct attire throughout all classes as we feel it empowers students & promotes a sense of pride, belonging, team work & studio spirit.

The Vanguard Performing Arts studio colour is strictly black & white, & any combination of black, white & selected Vanguard Uniform pieces are perfect for classes (except Classical Ballet) with the correct shoes for the specific genre.

There is a non-refundable Annual Registration Fee of $30.00 per student that must be paid to cover administration costs, intellectual property fees for music & insurance.

This is not allowed due to distractions that occur with parents present during classes.

Every student at Vanguard Performing Arts is invited to be a part of the annual Vanguard Showcase.

This is an excellent performance opportunity & provides an opportunity for students to be a part of a full-scale production giving students stage experience whilst giving families & friends an opportunity to watch their loved ones perform.

Upon enrolment at Vanguard Performing Arts you will be emailed your unique login where you can access the Vanguard Portal through on the portal you will see your owing balance, enrolled classes & payment options.

For convenience, our primary means of communication is via email. You will receive regular newsletters and important information via email so please ensure you have provided the studio with an up-to-date email address that is regularly checked.

We are of course happy to include multiple email addresses per family if you would like your correspondence sent to numerous recipients.

Don’t forget to add our email address to your contacts so we don’t end up in the dreaded Spam folder!

Facebook is a great way for us to keep in touch with a large number of people at once, so we encourage all families to join our closed Vanguard Parents & Students Facebook Group.

We have specifically designed our  Timetable to offer every Student in every age group maximum training across the board.

We like to keep our students in the correct age group for a few reasons including choreography content, music choice, costuming & also the social environment for our students.

All age groups have experienced teachers & challenging classes.

At Vanguard Performing Arts we pride ourselves on having an all exclusive faculty that cannot be found elsewhere & there is no need to look for additional training as we offer all genres at the highest calibre so students do not need to go to other institutions to train.

At Vanguard Performing Arts we offer FREE 7 DAY CLASS PASS for new students with no future obligations involved to find their perfect class fit.

Vanguard Performing Arts Students are taught the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus in Classical Ballet to provide Students with a knowledge of an internationally recognised Classical Ballet syllabus resulting in a formal grounding of technique as well as an appreciation for the history of dance.

Excluding Classical Ballet we do not participate in examinations at Vanguard Performing Arts, as we strongly believe that class syllabus in other genres holds students back from reaching their full individual potential. With the ability to obtain tertiary education & qualifications in the performing arts industry we see no need in adding additional pressure to our students through examinations. After years of being in the performing arts industry our aim, ethos & focus is on preparing & training students for fruitful careers in the entertainment industry that no exam can prepare you for.

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